About me

Hello! My name is Ida Skivenes, and I'm the girl behind IdaFrosk. I'm 30 years old, come from Norway but am currently (per 2014) living in Berlin, Germany with my boyfriend. We have no kids.  

I grew up on a farm near the fjords and mountains of beautiful Western Norway and I still enjoy very much to spend time in my childhood home there. 

I started doing food art for fun on Instagram as @idafrosk in June 2012 and share my healthy, creative breakfasts with over 210,000 followers there. In my opinion, food should be fun, colourful and creative - and this is my way of sharing this with the world.

The amazing positive feedback I have received for my food art and the opportunities it has created has meant that I am currently on leave from my full time job in statistics to be a full time food artist for a year. For more on this you can view this 6 minute and 40 second Pecha Kucha talk I held (in English) in February 2014. 

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