The Art Toast Project

The Art Toast Project consists of edible remakes of major works by famous artists, using a piece of toast as the canvas. The idea was based on the literal interpretation of "food art" and the desire to make art more accessible. 

The series is published on the Idafrosk Instagram account and is an ongoing project. So far 23 art toasts have been made, 3 of them Munch artworks in celebration of the 150 years since his birth in 2013.

The majority of these pieces are not made in the customary 5 - 15 minutes in the morning but usually take at least 30 minutes to make, most often at weekends. They are not created with the main purpose of being easy to copy like most of the other Idafrosk creations but more with the goal of spreading the love of art. 

For inquiries about this project or other food art, please email me at 


  1. Wonderful!- whimsical and makes me smile! I love food art!

    Thank you Ida!

    Katie Pfeiffer

  2. Great way to have some creative fun with your food.

  3. I really like them! I learned about your work from a photo-report published in BBC Persian.

  4. Really sexy

  5. Very funy and it seems to be delicious ! Bravo :)

  6. Yes I think so ,too. Realy sexy