A short presentation of my work from February 2014:

TV and videos:
Aftenposten (video - Norway):

BBC One (only available from the UK, my segment around 07:40 am):

Deutsche Welle (video - international):

NRK 1 - Norge Rundt (Norway):

Aftenposten (article - Norwegian): (Norwegian only) 

Aksam (Turkey): 

AnOther Magazine (USA):
Buzzfeed (USA):

Byavisen Bergen (Norwegian):

Clarín (largest newspaper in Argentina): 

Daily Mail (UK):

GeoBeats (USA - video feature): (Norwegian):

GOOD Magazine (USA):

Good Morning America (USA):

The Irish Times (Ireland - print only).

La Repubblica (Italy):

Mail & Guardian (South Africa): 

Mashable (USA): 
MilK Magazine (France):

Mixtopia (Romania): (USA): 

Nrk Sogn og Fjordane (Norwegian):

Petapixel (USA): (USA):
VG (Norwegian):  or you can see the scanned version here (page 1, page 2 and page 3).  

WAD Magazine (France): (USA):


Boligdrøm (Norway - print only)

British Vogue (UK - september 2013 issue) 

Copenhagen Food Magazine (Denmark - print only).

Fricote Magazine (France - print only). 

Fylkesmagasinet (Norwegian text only):  

Huisgenoot (South Africa - print only). 

Kamille (Norway - print only).

Massiv magazine (Norway - print only). 

MEMO Grandi Magazzini Culturali (Italy).

Norsk Ukeblad (Norway - print only). 

Stella (Norway - print only).   

Lille Fashionista:

The Nashville juice:

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  1. Thanks for the shout out :) I'll be doing another little piece on you soon I'm sure. Keep making fantastic-ly fun food!

    -The Nashville Juice