Answers to some of the questions I get most often on Instagram.

Why are you doing food art?
Because it's fun and I like to inspire others! It has become a creative outlet for me to play with healthy ingredients and my favorite meal, breakfast.

Do you eat the food afterwards?
YES, of course. Anything else would be very wasteful and completely defer my main aim: to make tasty AND good looking meals.

How do you find time to make them? And how long does it take?
I usually have a general sort of plan the night before, so I don't have to spend much time figuring out what to do in the morning. The assembly doesn't take that long in most cases, on average 5 - 15 minutes. I have to get to my day job after all! For weekend breakfasts I sometimes spend more time. The pieces for the Art Toast Project series generally takes at least 30 minutes to make.  

What inspires you?
Many things: everyday events, funny word play, the shape of an ingredient, modern art, cartoons, films or other people's food art I see online.

How long have you been doing food art?
Only since about June 2012. My first piece was a bear and a fox toast that I copied from the Internet. After that I started to develop my own ideas.

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  1. I would to do this do you give directions?