Monday 3 November 2014

Tasty Bonfire Night Celebrations with Stella Kids!

Owls watching colorful fireworks. Pancakes, yoghurt, dried blueberries, fruit.

 In collaboration with Stella Kids, the children's brand of British designer and lifetime vegetarian Stella McCartney, I have created a number of plates celebrating Bonfire Night (also known as Guy Fawkes Night).

Bonfire Night is primarily a British tradition, taking place annually on November 5th. It is a celebration of a failed attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament and kill the king in 1605, led by a man called Guy Fawkes. All around the country people gather around bonfires, sending up fireworks and enjoying good food together.
To find inspiration for the food art, I first looked at the Stella Kids collection. The clothes feature a lot of fun and quirky animal characters, which led me to ponder how the animals would take to celebrating Bonfire Night. So that became my starting point for creating ideas. To create the food art itself, I did some research on what people usually eat on the night and used what I could from that in the final plates. Classics such as caramel apples, baked potatoes, sausages (vegan of course!) and bean stews are all featured in some form or another.

The owls (above) would obviously sit in their wisdom on a branch and watch the colorful spectacle with composure, I imagined. 

Rabbits grilling carrots. Bread, bell pepper, cheese, carrot, sugar peas, pepper corns.
While the rabbits would take the opportunity to grill some tasty carrots over the bonfire.
Polar bear with apple sparkler. Yoghurt, chocolate chips, almonds, apple, caramel, silver sprinkles. 

The polar bear, though out of his element, would really love holding a caramel apple sparkler to light up the cold winter night.

Dog hiding from fireworks. Potatoes, cheddar, peppercorns, spinach, corn.
The poor dog would probably be hiding in his roasted potato dog house because it doesn't like all the noise from the fireworks.

Cat enjoying the bonfireplace. Black beans, yoghurt, vegan sausage, pumpkin, bell pepper, spinach.
Lastly, the cat would definitely curl up in front of the bonfire, as it loves getting warm and cozy.

So that was my little turn around the animal world on Bonfire Night, I wish you all a happy celebration!



  1. Hi Ida, we're big fans of your work and love the creativity! We also have a collection of food arts at - we hope you like them too! Keep doing what you're doing! :)