Monday 7 December 2015

Entertaining Evening Meals with Philadelphia Cream Cheese

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I really enjoy the evening meal, it's such a comforting way to end the day: Some delicious slices of bread, maybe a cup of tea or hot chocolate, eaten together with family or simply in front of the TV. So when Philadelphia Deutschland (Germany) asked me to create some fun evening meal creations with their cream cheeses, I was on board very quickly. Cream cheese is also an ingredient I use a lot in my food art, it's the perfect tasty base to combine with colorful vegetables and fruit.

The total result of the cooperation with pictures and recipes can be seen over on the Philadelphia website. There are recipes and even some stop motion videos, to show you how it all comes together. 

Like for instance this charming little fox.  

Take a ride on a delicious camping bus.

Or explore space with a rocket

But most of all, allow your imagination to fly away

You can also see further interesting posts over at Philadelphia Deutschland's Facebook page.


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